Our Services

Our Services
Supplier Credibility: Asia Style House Ltd. developing team take great care to ensure the quality, desired weight, construction and colour, we evaluate the capacity and capability of every factory. Asia Style House Ltd also check environmental control,safety laws, labour practices and adherence to labour laws. We make sure that our supplier can meet our requirements when it comes to reaching the average number of pieces produced as per buyer’s requirement at a given period of time to meet schedule.

Sourcing: Asia Style House Ltd. maintains strong exclusive relationships with many of the yarn and fabric mills and the accessories suppliers. Upon placement of orders, we check right way and control the quality of all garment inputs such as yarn,fabric, accessories, labelling and coordinates timing of them procurement and its timely delivery. We let buyers choose and decide what kind of accessories and labels to use as far as style, colour, design etc.

Sampling: We develop and provide samples as per buyer’s design, fabric quality,weight, shrinkage, colour fastness, specifications etc. to obtain buyers approval before heading to production through our professional staff of Merchandisers and Quality Controllers who always keep a close check on sampling and production.

Quality Control / Assurance: Our Quality Controllers visit the factory regularly to make sure we meet our buyer’s requirements. Our quality control personnel are stationed at all manufacturing sites to ensure that all production will meet according to buyer’s requirement. We always want to deliver satisfaction to our customers; we monitor the order from sourcing of raw materials and accessories to production and up to the final shipment of goods. We also monitor and report the status of the order to the buyer with systematic follow up on each and every stage.

Packaging: Only approved goods are packed and buyer is assured of getting quality merchandise. Care is also taken to see whether all packing instructions of the buyer are respected.

Shipment/Cargo Handling: All shipping documents are reviewed and verified as per buyer instruction. All cargo is handled by reputable forwarder to obtain correct information regarding ETD and ETA of vessels because time delivery is as important for us as it is to the buyer.


1. We provide services which are very upfront and easy to use,you need to share details of your requirement, and the rest will be taken care of by us.
2. You receive the best quality of the product you order, and you will receive it on your door within the stipulated period.
3. We are very particular about your needs, and thus you will only receive what you longed for an order with us. We match all the criteria of the product according to your requirements and then purchase the same for you.
4. We can get you the best products at very reasonable prices as we have direct contacts with the importers and the suppliers in town.We can introduce you to them for mutual benefit.
5. The market trend is what we analyze all time and accordingly procure garments for our clients so that no one suffers and feel left out.
6. Once you give us the details and your target price , we find suppliers of garments accordingly. Once we get a few of the best suppliers for you lined up, we negotiate the terms and conditions and prices with them on your behalf.
7. When everything is done, we recheck to see whether the product is at par with the requirements you have sent us or not. We do quality checking at every stage of the process.